Our Renewable Energy Businesses

Tapping Into Nature’s Forces for Sustainable Energy

Hydro Energy

A Pillar of Green Energy

In the renewable energy landscape, hydropower is a crucial source of green energy that significantly reduces carbon emissions while ensuring reliable, high-quality power. Sangamam Power is one of India’s fastest-growing energy sector organizations, dedicated to developing hydropower projects of all sizes—from mini to large-scale installations— across the nation.

Project Development

We specialize in identifying potential sites, conducting feasibility studies, and executing complete project lifecycles.

Energy Production

Our state-of-the-art hydroelectric plants are engineered to convert the kinetic energy of water into electricity, contributing to the regional power supply with minimal environmental impact.

Maintenance, Upgrades, and Capital OverHauling

To ensure optimal performance and safety, we offer comprehensive maintenance services and technological upgrades to existing hydro facilities.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the most promising, clean, and abundant renewable energy sources available globally for generating electricity directly from sunlight. It reduces carbon emissions and provides high-quality green power, even in rural areas. Sangamam Power is quickly becoming a leading organization in India, developing solar parks nationwide, including ground-mounted, rooftop, and floating installations.

Utility-Scale Solar

We design, construct, and operate large-scale solar installations that feed into the power grid, providing a significant source of renewable energy to communities and industries.

Distributed Solar

Tailored for businesses and homes, our distributed solar options bring clean, cost-effective power directly to the end-user.

Solar Technology Innovation

Our dedication to research and development ensures we stay ahead of the curve in solar technology, optimizing efficiency and integration into existing energy systems.

Wind Energy

Wind energy, also known as Native Energy, is a form of renewable energy that harnesses the power of the wind to generate electricity in an environmentally friendly and cost- effective manner. Sangamam Power is an emerging organization in India, establishing wind energy farms both onshore and offshore across the country, making wind an important and reliable renewable energy source.

Onshore Wind Power

We specialize in the design, installation, and operation of onshore wind farms, offering complete project management from site assessment to turbine commissioning and grid connection.

Offshore Wind Energy

Our offshore projects take advantage of higher wind speeds at sea, utilizing advanced technologies to construct and maintain turbines capable of withstanding the marine environment.

Integrated Wind Solutions

We provide end-to-end wind energy solutions, ensuring seamless integration into the energy grid, along with operational excellence and maintenance services for optimal energy production.

Pumped Storage

Pumped storage plants are highly effective for integrating renewable energy with an economically viable grid-scale storage system. Often referred to as “water batteries,” they manage storage needs during periods of renewable energy surplus. Sangamam Power is prioritizing the adoption of new technologies in the renewable energy sector, positioning itself at the forefront of innovation.

Green Hydrogen

As an energy carrier, hydrogen is becoming essential for decarbonizing hard-to-abate sectors. The carbon intensity of hydrogen depends on the carbon neutrality of its electricity source. Green hydrogen is produced through the electrolysis of water using electricity generated by renewable energy. Sangamam Power is committed to advancing a sustainable green hydrogen future in the renewable energy sector.

Simple. Clean. Renewable.

In each sector, we are dedicated to not only generating renewable energy but also to creating a sustainable ecosystem that supports the well-being of our planet. Our teams work tirelessly to innovate, optimize, and deliver energy solutions that set new standards in the renewable industry.

Let’s energize the future together. Reach out to us to find out how we can power your world with the forces of nature.