Empowering Tomorrow, Today

Building, Owning, and Operating High-Quality Renewable Energy Assets

At Sangamam Power, we are committed to shaping a sustainable future through innovative renewable energy solutions. With a passion for environmental stewardship and a dedication to driving positive change, we strive to lead the transition towards a cleaner, greener world.

Founded on the principles of sustainability, integrity, and excellence, Sangamam Power has emerged as a trusted leader in the renewable energy industry. Our journey began with a vision to harness the power of nature to meet the growing energy needs of communities while minimizing our environmental impact.

Driven by our mission to empower sustainability, we specialize in developing, constructing, and operating hydro, solar and wind energy projects nationwide. 

Our Values

Our Vision

Sangamam Power envisions becoming the world’s most admired leader in green power infrastructure systems and solutions.

Our Mission

Sangamam Power’s mission is to lead in innovation, excel in customer focus, drive sustainable growth, maximize operational efficiencies, develop our team’s expertise, and champion environmental stewardship.

Our Approach

Renewable Energy Projects

We specialize in developing, constructing, and operating solar, wind, hydro, and other renewable energy projects across the globe.

Innovation and Technology

We continuously invest in research and development to push the boundaries of renewable energy technology, driving down costs and increasing accessibility.

Collaboration and Partnership

We work closely with governments, communities, businesses, and other stakeholders to create shared value and foster sustainable development.

Social Responsibility

Our success is measured not just by kilowatt-hours generated or carbon emissions reduced, but by the positive impact we make on the planet and the lives we touch along the way.

Our Team

Meet the dedicated professionals behind Sangamam Power’s success, who bring expertise, passion, and commitment to every project we undertake.

Mr. Ram Katta

Managing Director

Mr. Kedar Prasad

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Laxmaiya

Vice President

Ram Katta

Managing Director

Seasoned entrepreneur with a strong foundation in computer science and an MBA from the Indian School of Business. With over two decades of experience spanning the IT and renewable energy sectors, he has successfully scaled multiple businesses and navigated dynamic industry landscapes.

Professional Background, after completing his undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Ram spent 13 years working in the USA, primarily in the utility sector. His entrepreneurial journey began in 2000 with the founding of S4, an IT firm, followed by the establishment of Skybridge Software Solutions in 2012. He successfully scaled both companies to multimillion-dollar enterprises.

In 2008, ventured into the renewable energy sector, founding Sangamam Power. At Sangamam Power, the focus is on hydro, wind, solar, pumped storage projects (PSP), and electric vehicles (EV). His goal is to position Sangamam Power as a market leader in the renewable energy space.

Kedar Prasad


Kedar Prasad holds an M.Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and brings over 35 years of experience, primarily with the TATA Group, in overseeing both national and international power projects.

He is highly skilled in Green Energy technologies, including Hydro, Solar, Wind, Pump Storage, and Green Hydrogen. Renowned for his integrity and outstanding leadership qualities, Kedar excels in project development and administration, strategic planning and execution, and effective stakeholder management.

Additionally, his deep understanding of regulatory environments and sustainability practices significantly enhances his expertise in the energy sector.

Laxmaiah Baru

Senior Vice President

An Bachelor of Engineering from OU, with over 36 years of experience, in handling Projects including Development, Project Planning, Execution, Coordination, Proposal, Technical evaluation, Hydrology, Geotechnical, Project formation, Strategy formulation, Management and Finance.

An erudite professional with leadership qualities and excellent in project development with good Administrative and Communication skills.

Vast technical Experience in Hydro power, Irrigation, Tool division, Sub-station, Process control, Transmission and Distribution, worked in various sector including Manufacturing, Process Control, River Topo Graphical Survey.

He has executed over 35 Project survey for power projects and transmission line.